Meadowlands Area YMCA


Teen & Adult Aquatics



These swim lessons are designed for ages 15 and up. It builds on the proficiency of all YMCA swimming levels. All lessons are taught at Rutherford High School Pool, Rutherford.
The 30 minute class will be taught with a 1:8 instructor ratio.


For those who have limited to no swim experience or fear the water. This class focuses on becoming comfortable in the water along with basic swimming techniques and personal safety.


For those who have a basic knowledge of freestyle and are comfortable in the water. You will be guided through new strokes and skills while refining ones already learned.




Learn to stretch and tone using water resistance to enhance strenght, flexibility, muscle tone and endurance for a full-body workout. The class provides low impact shallpw and deep water exercise, non-swimmers can remain in the shallow end.

Senior Aquacise

Focus on enhancing movement, strengthening muscle and increasing your range of motion through low impact movements. This class is ideal for individuals with back pain, arthritis, hypertension, and joint replacement conditions and for those who have weakness and or physical limitations.

Prenatal Aquacise

Swimming, water jogging and aerobics are all incorporated into this class that you can follow through all nine months of pregnancy. Many moves are performed in waist or chest deep water so the ability to swim is not necessary. The compression of water is soothing on joints and muscles stressed by your pregnancy and the temperature of the water keeps you from overheating during your workout.


We encourage all participants to use a swim cap and goggles. These, as well as other swimming items, can be purchased at the following site.  A portion of all sales goes to our scholarship program.