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Preschool Programs

Welcome to our Preschool Programs page! The list below is reflective of all the classes we offer throughout the year, although certain programs are not offered during every session. Please reference our Program Guide for a list of actively running classes and their schedule. 

Summer Preschool Programs

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Parents' Morning Out - New program!

Treat your child to an adventure in learning at the Meadowlands YMCA while you get some much needed “me time.”

Parent’s Morning Out provides children with an opportunity to develop social skills by meeting new friends and gain self-confidence by participating in fun and educational activities over an 8-week session.

Customize your child’s schedule by selecting 1, 2, 3, or 4 consecutive morning class options. When selecting more than one back-to-back class, the Y staff will supervise your child between programs and safely transport them to their next activity. Choose the number of classes that best fit into your daily flow. Parents can take this time to run errands, go to a doctor’s appointment, workout, or stay and relax for a Swedish massage at the Y. 

Preschool Activities

Ages 6-18 months 

Let's get your little one moving together with soft play and activities to engage their gross motor skills. This is an excellent precursor to walking for infants and will help them to understand body movement. One adult per child required. 

MOVERS & SHAKERS                 
Ages 1–2½

Here is an opportunity for children to express themselves through music and dance movement. They will learn how to socialize with their friends and practice following basic directions. We’ll practice walking, jumping, wiggling, and dancing as we enjoy songs, rhymes, finger plays, and toys with a little time left over for free-play.

YUMMY TUMMIES                        
Ages 2-3

We will read recipes, measure ingredients and follow instructions to create snacks and treats! We will eat our snacks and take home our recipes to share with our families!

LITTLE PICASSOS                          
Ages 2½–5

Discover art hands on through coloring, gluing, painting, stories and more. We’ll learn that books, games, songs, and holidays are all great inspirations for artwork. Each week we will use some traditional art supplies as well as some surprises! Some weeks you will take home a “refrigerator masterpiece”, other weeks it’s all about exploring the medium.

LITTLE TRAVELERS                      
Ages 2½–5

Get ready to explore and learn about the world and many great places we can travel to. So get your passport ready and off we go.

PRESCHOOL PREP                         
Ages 2½–5

The best way to learn is to do it in a fun way. What better way to do that than with some exciting games, educational books, wonderful art projects, and songs about our favorite things. We’ll keep busy with circle time exercises, flash cards, make-believe, finger plays and rhymes and toys. The children will also improve their social skills by sharing, taking turns and respecting our friends. 

READY SET READ                         
Ages 2½–5

This course is a hands on reading class which will help your preschoolers get acquainted with sight words, phonetic blending and build confidence to make reading so much fun.

Ages 2½–5

We will explore the world and our own backyard to see what adventures we can find.

Create & Bake 
Ages 3-5

In this hands-on class, caretakers and children will work together to create culinary sensations along with a themed art project each week. 

MINI CHEFS                                     
Ages 4-5

Ready, set chop. Your child will learn basic cooking skills and how much fun it is to cook and make exciting meals and snacks.

MINI ARCHITECTS                       
Ages 4-5

This will be your child's first class to learn how to make plans by painting, drawing and making different prints.

Class Times and Prices

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Preschool Sports & Dance

TINY TUMBLERS 1                        
Ages Walking -2½

This is an independent class for children to be introduce to the world of tumbling in a fun and interactive way.

TINY TUMBLERS 2                        
Ages 2½–5

In this course your child will learn how to flip, soar and enjoy tumbling. We will learn the basic fundamentals and have fun.

LITTLE HOOPSTERS                     
Ages 2½–5

Throw, hit and dribble and make a goal, this course we will learn the basic fundamentals of different sports.

BALLET/TAP 1                                
Ages 1-2½

Your child will learn the very basic movements and exercises to start their dancing career!  They will enjoy the music and dancing while making new friends.

BALLET/TAP 2                               
Ages 2½–5

In this advanced class your child will learn new steps and some dance vocabulary. We will also learn an entire dance by the end of the session that we will share with our families! Prerequisite: Ballet/Tap 1 or Preschool Ballet.)

LITTLE SPORTS                             
Ages 2½–5

This class will empower your child as they learn rules and fundamentals of various sports and help build your child's confidence.

LITTLE CLEATS                             
Ages 2½–5

Defend, score a goal and so much more. We will learn the fundamentals of soccer and make new friends.

Intro to Hip Hop
Ages 3-5

Get your preschooler movin' and groovin' in this introductory dance class for beat-driven music. Kids will learn the basics of hip-hop dance and the how to move with ease. 

Class Times and Prices

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