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Youth programs 


BALLET/TAP 3                                Ages 6-8

Pre-requisite: successfully complete Ballet/Tap 2
Your child will grow with this advanced class. They will be introduced to 5 positions, the barre, and fundamental movements. They will even get to learn short routines!

GUITAR 1 & 2                                     Ages 5-8 & 9-13

Bring your guitar to class and learn to play melody and rhythm. Songs are learned weekly and must be practiced at home. Students must have or be willing to rent a guitar, and should bring the Mel-Bay Book 1 for Guitar as a basis for reading music. Show your family what you learned!

ART BASICS                                     Ages 6-10

Calling all artists! Let’s get creative by learning the basics. Each week we will explore different mediums. All art projects will be taken home at the end of class.

ARCHITECTS                                  Ages 6-10

Boys and girls will experience specific small scale building tasks using kits and other building materials. They will learn to use critical thinking skills, while problem solving in a fun and creative atmosphere.

LEGOS  1 & 2                                 Ages 4-6 & 7-10

Calling all Lego fans! Each week your creativity will be challenged, as you are assigned to design something new. From spaceships to animals, from race cars to castles, you’ll be making all kinds of cool structures. Whether we build by ourselves or in groups, we’ll build some amazing things!

READING CLUB                             Ages 8-12

Is your child a bookworm?  Then we have the perfect group for you!  Each week your child will be assigned reading which will later be discussed with the entire group.  This class will allow your child share their love of books with other book lovers.

PAINTING                                          Ages 10-13

Painting is a new class where students will recreate a famous painting by the end of the session.

KITCHEN SCIENCE                           Ages6-10

This intro class is ideal for curious kids who like to participate in preparing food and having fun in the kitchen. Each week students will make a basic recipe that they will either eat in class or take home to share with family and friends. Bring your appetite!

STEM SCIENCE                                 Ages 6-10

If you like to figure out how things work and try new experiments then this is the class for you! We’ll explore all sorts of topics from water air pressure to ooey-gooey concoctions!!