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Meadowlands Area YMCA


Cycle Studio

In our Cycling Studio, youth, teens and adults gather for challenging workouts led by top instructor. The high-energy classes are  set to pulsating music.


When you ride on our IC7 indoor cycles, which are powered by ICG® technology, you’re riding on the most advanced indoor cycles on the market. We use ICG’s Coach By Color® training system to give you real-time, color-coded biofeedback on your workout.


IC7 Cycles Include:


Two-stage drivetrain
WattRate Direct Power Meter
WattRate ColorFit Computer
Bluetooth and ANT+
And more.


ICG’s Coach By Color® training system, delivers real-time, color-coded biofeedback to the user. Coach By Color® has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones can be linked to WattRate® (power) and Functional Threshold Power (FTP), or heart rate and percentage of Heart Rate Max (HRM). FTP represents the workload above which an individual cannot sustain prolonged exercise. Similar to HRM, once an individual‘s FTP is known, users are assigned the 5 colored zones to accurately coach their effort for the best customized results. <span "=""> To vividly display the color zones the WattRate® TFT computer features a bright, full-color, self-powered, front LED display.

What's your FTP?  Come in to discover yours.

Cycle classes are scheduled seven days a week up to four times a day. Contact Michelle Moore, Wellness Director, for more info:  or 201-955-5300 ext. 252.