FREE Infant Playgroups at YPC!

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Date Posted: Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meadowlands Y offers a FREE Playgroup for Moms and Babies

YUSA2011996_download_3 Playgroups can be a very valuable resource for new moms. Not only do they provide stimulation for babies, but they also provide moms with a great place to get connected. Below is a discussion of the benefits that joining a playgroup can provide for your baby.


Although very young infants often seem oblivious to the world around them, nothing can be further from the truth. Even when an infant seems to be staring into space, he/she is learning something very important. In the early months, playgroups provide an opportunity for young babies to be exposed to their peers for the first time. This interaction, though probably limited, can provide infants with an introduction to expressive language and play. Though a baby has been listening to the voices of his/her own mother and father since being in utero, being involved in a playgroup teaches them that the world extends beyond their own home and parents. Recognizing that the world is filled with many people who have different voices may help young infants to become more outgoing children.

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The Meadowlands Y offers a variety of playgroup options for new parents. Right now we are offering a Infant Playground, a class for babies newborns – 12 months on Thursdays at 11:30 am – 12:30 am at the Y Program Center located at 375 Murray Hill Parkway in East Rutherford. This is a free community playgroup for parent and infant to meet and build the foundation for great friendships as you connect with other Moms and their children. The Y also offers Mom and Baby Fit, a Workout class for Moms using babies as resistance. The workout is safe, stimulating for baby, effective and FUN. It offers the new parent a chance to bond with baby while being active. This class is offered starting on May 12, Mondays from 10:15 am – 11:00 am. Please register in advance for both classes by calling 201-955-5300. You may be amazed to meet so many moms who are just like you.


Perhaps the greatest purpose of participating in infant playgroups is so that moms can have an opportunity to share ideas, fears and experiences. This is especially true for new moms who may sometimes feel inadequate. Experienced moms can share their "know-how" with new moms, in a laid back, casual environment. Additionally, playgroups sometimes serve as a much needed social support system for moms where they discuss not only their children, but also their marriages, families, careers and other interests. The friendships made through playgroups are often meaningful and long-lasting. After all, moms whose children are the same age, rarely have a lull in conversation.


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