Daly News Update: January 2015

Author: nichellen
Date Posted: Friday, January 2, 2015

Daly NewsHappy New Year! Hopefully, 2015 will be another great year for all of us. January gives us the opportunity to discover the winter wonderland that Mother Nature provides. We will learn from the teachings of Martin Luther King about peace and diversity. “I had a dream!” What do our children dream about? We will try and discover this during our “Welcome 2015 Week”. Changes happen very fast during these childhood years. We’ve seen many of our children start talking, stop wearing diapers, reading sight words, writing their names, and learning so many new things as each year passes. Thank you to everyone who sent in goodies for our Christmas party. Santa thought each and every one of your kids was precious! Mr. Marcello from Mykonos Restaurant invited the children for our fifth annual holiday luncheon on the Tuesday before Christmas. They had a lot of fun and behaved very nicely. We are so lucky to have such good neighbors who love our children too! Our second theme is “Winter Week”. We will see what makes ice, the difference between winter and summer and other fun winter related projects. We will also speak once again about hibernation because now is the time. “Motion and Movement Week” will also be loads of fun. We will be playing cooperative games such as “pass the ball”, the limbo, musical chairs, and more. It is important for our children to continue to learn what it means to go fast or slow, up or down, in or out, over or under, etc. This also gives us a chance to use our CATCH activities and remind the children how important physical activity is. Since it is winter, it may be too cold to go outside to play every day. So, for our “Book Week” we’ll cozy up and listen to a different book each day. We’ll learn about the title, the author, and the illustrator, and then make a project to remind us how fun reading can be.

Ellen Daly

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