Congratulations to Justin, 2018 Volunteer of the Year!

Author: Meadowlands YMCA
Date Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Last night the 2018 New Jersey YMCA Alliance honored our very own, Justin G. as volunteer of the year! We’d like to congratulate him for his work within our association and selfless dedication to the Y’s mission to improve local communities.

Justin G. is a 17-year-old student that attends Bergen County Technical High School. He volunteers his time at the Meadowlands YMCA’s 21st Century Community Learning Center and is an extraordinary asset to the program’s success. By generously volunteering three times per week, he has logged over 50 hours to date. During his volunteer time, he helps students with homework and oversees STEAM classes. He has a caring nature and relates well to the other high school students.

Justin’s selfless work also extends beyond the Y. He also volunteers with the American Cancer Society, Wood-Ridge Knights of Columbus, Benjamin’s Hope for the Future, and the Wood-Ridge Public Education Foundation. At school, he belongs to the Spanish Multicultural Club, which spreads awareness about Spanish culture in the local community. Justin advocates and raises money for research to improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality as well as childhood pediatric cancer. His continual work within the Meadowlands community is an inspiration to those who work alongside Justin.

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center greatly appreciates having him as a part of the team.


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