Tips for Finding the Right Personal Trainer

Author: Alcyone Finke
Date Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2018

With the New Year around the corner, fitness is generally on the top of everyone’s New Years Resolutions list. From the workout fanatic to the first-time gym goers, a Personal Trainer can benefit anyone! Here are some things to consider when booking your Personal Trainer.

  • Availability- Need a morning jump start? Make sure your PT does mornings. When talking to your potential PT, see what their schedule is like. Making sure that both schedules line up is essential to forming a match made in training heaven.
  • Personality- Remember the teacher you didn’t like in high school? Personal Training doesn’t have to be this way. When choosing a PT, chat with them a bit first. See if you can picture yourself with this person, 2 or 3 times a week. If so, you are set!
  • Referral- Ask around! This is the easiest and more underrated way to find a trainer. See a member training all the time, hit them up with some questions. Ask if they like their PT, what they do, if they would recommend them etc. Know a friend who uses a trainer here? Grab their PT’s information. Get to know our Personal Trainers here.
  • Take a FREE SESSION – As a YMCA member, everyone gets a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING session. If you have not taken advantage of your session, sign up by contacting the front desk, any Wellness Team member or our PT Coordinator, Alcyone at to schedule your free 60 minute one on one session.

Personal Trainers are for everyone. PERIOD. The New Year is coming, will you be ready?

-Alcyone Finke, AAPT Certified

PT Coordinator


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Author: Taylor Bishop
Date Posted: March 4, 2019

I'm glad you explained how to find a good personal trainer. You mentioned you should try to talk to the trainer first and see if you can see yourself working with them several times a week. It also seems important to see if you feel comfortable around them so you can discuss any health or fitness goals you have.