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The Meadowlands YMCA serves the area by building a strong community.  We help our neighbors with programs and services to fight food insecurity, develop new skills, live a healthier lifestyle, make new and lasting connections, and so much more.

In 2020 we distributed nearly 1,000,000 meals to families fighting hunger in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Our Mara Center offered more than 48,000hours of free childcare to frontline, essential, and healthcare workers. We set up internet and wifi access in local mobile home parks so children could complete distance learning, adults could work remotely, and seniors could stay connected to friends and family.  Our summer camp helped fight the summer slump by distributing more than 1,500 books to local children.  Our facility seconds as a COVID testing site 5 days a week.

COVID couldn't stop good in 2020 and the Meadowlands YMCA isn't stopping in 2021. We will continue to serve our neighbors by expanding our social services and creating new programs to help our neighbors.

Will you join us in serving your neighbors?




The Meadowlands YMCA is 501c3 charitable organization under IRS code, which provides subsidies for health and wellness programs, childcare, and invaluable social services for local families in need.  Your gift is deeply appreciated and fully deductible as allowed by law.


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