Job Code: Cyc

Cycling Instructor

Category: Fitness and Wellness
Location: Meadowlands Area YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time
Rate: $20 - $30 per hour
Keywords: Cycle Studio Instructor


Teach, lead, and motivate individuals through intentionally design spin/cycle programs, create fun effective music play list for classes on a weekly basis, possess a wealth of motivational and leadership techniques that help members achieve fitness goals. Provide safe instruction across many class types from beginner to advanced levels. Have excellent communication skills, be able to train in multiple environments. 

Job Components 

Show up at least 10 minutes prior to class 
Instruction of specific class 

Maintains neat and orderly group exercise class equipment, supervising members to return equipment in an orderly fashion, and operates the stereo equipment with care.

Visually monitors class participants for their general condition, technique and ability to follow.

Builds effective, authentic relationships with members; helps members and program participants connect with each other and the YMCA.

Display at all times a professional and enthusiastic attitude. 

One year teaching experience. (Preferred)