100 Years of Changing Lives

This year the Meadowlands YMCA will celebrate its centennial year of serving the local community. 

Throughout 2020, we will highlight our areas of focus - healthy living, youth development & social responsibility - through community events, spotlights showcasing select members, volunteers, and staff, and partnerships that provide new and unique programs to benefits our members and neighbors.


Every person that walks through our door has a story to tell. Over these past 100 years, we have be touched by so many inspiring individuals, and we will be featuring three stories each month this year. 



Camille Guida served as volunteer on the Meadowlands YMCA's Board of Directors from 2010-2018. During this time she was the co-chair and one of the founders of our Anniversary Gala event, which has helped to raise more than $1 million to support the YMCA mission. With these funds, we have been able to help thousands of families to afford memberships, swim lessons, summer camp, chronic disease programs, and much much more. 

Since her retirement from the Board, Camille continues to volunteer at the Meadowlands Y as an instructor for Armchair Exercise Classes, held at the Wood-Ridge Senior Center. Her participants adore her passion for healthy living and entertainment, which always produces a fun class that they love taking. 

"Camille's chair exercise classes are a sight to behold. The smiling faces, laughing, and singing that fill the room are infectious. That energy is a testment to Camille's dedication and devotion to her students." 

- Amanda Scully, Associate Mission Advancement Director 




Ann is a staple around the Meadowlands YMCA facility and one of our most active members. She estimates to spend between 15-18 hours per week in the facility, usually taking Group Exercise Classes like Les Mills Body Pump, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and others.

Ann discovered the Y back in 2016, before the facility at 390 Murray Hill Parkway was completed. In the then Y Program Center, she would take Yoga classes to stay active since her retirement from dentistry.

Ann is beloved around the Y and nearly any member, whether they know Ann personally or not, knows her face from all the time she dedicates to staying healthy. Her polite and gentle demeanor makes her a joy to speak with. Say hi the next time you see Ann!

"Ann's cheerful persona is always a pleasure to see daily around the Y. She is a dedicated group exerciser that pioneers the friendly social atmosphere here art the Y."

- Michelle Moore, Wellness Director





Aminta started working at the Meadowlands YMCA in 2016 after coming to our very first job fair. 

She has been with us since entering the new facility at 390 Murray Hill Parkway and has been a vibrant beacon of energy at the Front Desk helping to introduce new members to our Y community, giving tours, and helping to register for programs and classes. 

Aminta's love for art is also on display through her work. She helped to paint our first YMCA Mural and also leads monthly Paint & Pepsi workshops and Family Fun Nights. 

"Aminta's passion and hospitality towards everyone who walks through our doors is something for all of us to look up to and model after. She is exactly what we strive to be at the Meadowlands YMCA."

- Ryan Earle, Associate Membership Director