2nd Grade Swim Lessons

Make safety your priority and have your 2nd Grader learn to swim for free with the Meadowlands YMCA! Together, we can help adults, parents and kids increase knowledge, ability and stamina to build smart, strong swimmers and confident kids.

Here at the Meadowlands Y, we believe all children should know how to swim and be safe in and around water. For this reason, we offer the 2nd Grade FREE Learn to Swim Program for Rutherford residents

2nd Grade Swim Lesson Schedule 

January 7th - February 24th 


5:30-6PM - Polliwog 1 

6-6:30PM - Polliwog 2

6:30-7PM - Guppy 1


5:30-6PM - Polliwog 2

6-6:30PM - Guppy 2

6:30-7PM - Minnow 


5:30-6 Polliwog 2

6-6:30PM Guppy 1

6:30-7PM - Polliwog 1 

Upcoming 2nd Grade Swim Sessions 

February 25th - April 20th 

April 22nd - June 16 

How to Register

Register in person at the Meadowlands YMCA Welcome Center. Must provide proof of grade & residency.