Drive to 1 Million

Our Mission Needs You Now More Than Ever

The Meadowlands YMCA recent completed construction on an 83,200 square foot facility that quickly came to serve more than 15,000 members and countless other residents with a monthly total of over 30,000 visits.

The dynamic growth of our membership revealed a community in drastic need of health, wellness, enrichment and social opportunities.  Our Drive to $1 Million campaign allows us to fund the equipment and expand on the programs that will truly complete the promise we made to the region upon the opening of the new Y with Walls

Moving Towards a Brighter Future 

The Meadowlands YMCA has the power to reverse our generation’s trend. We promote positive health and social progress for all local residents - all under one roof.

Our Pillars of Impact

Support the Drive to $1 Million 

3 on 3 basketball is the hottest and fastest growing sport today – gaining so much momentum that it's now a part of the Olympics.  Don’t miss out on the Meadowlands YMCA’s inaugural 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on Sunday, May 5th, which will bring local businesses and residents together in support of the Y’s Drive to $1 Million Campaign

The event will be hosted by former NBA Nets star, Kerry Kittles and special guest, Frank Isola from ESPN's Around the Horn & PTI, SiriusXM NBA Radio, and The Athletic.

Each business that enters a team will receive a health and wellness expo at the Y for up to 100 employees. 

Each Team features: 

  • 16 Teams-6 Employees/Roster
  • All teams play 4 games – bracket winners also play in Championship or Consolation Rounds
  • Team T-Shirts Uniforms
  • Referees
  • Photo Opportunities with Kerry Kittles and Frank Isola
  • Tournament Plaque 
  • Trophy Presentation to Championship Team and Consolation Bracket winner
  • Championship Team Name Permanently Displayed in the Rafters of the Gatorade Gym
  • Invitation for 50 of your employees to participate in the Corporate Wellness Day Health and Wellness Expo on a future date


The Y's Community Outreach Initiatives 

Free 7th Grade Membership Initiative is an opportunity for the Y to engage, cultivate and connect with youth at a time that is most crucial to their development. 

Free 2nd Grade Swim works to build on student’s aquatic skills, while enhancing self-confidence and well-being.  Drowning is the #2 cause of death in children ages 1 – 14 making this an invaluable program to learn a critical life skill.

Financial Assistance. In 2017, the Meadowlands YMCA awarded more than $500,000 in financial assistance to over 2,500 families through scholarships and subsidized programs geared to seniors and those with chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity, etc.

Health Fairs. Community fairs and expos are an excellent way to host free classes and engage with community members to educate them on the value of fitness and enrichment. 

How We're Building a Stronger Community 

Technology – today’s world relies on cutting edge solutions to engage both young and old.

Interactive gaming replaces sedentary video games with movement-based challenges creating active play time that’s fun and healthy.

Computer literacy classes enable seniors to keep their independence and quality of life.  Isolation is avoided by staying connected with loved ones through social media and email.  Tending to daily household chores, such as online banking, bill paying, maintenance requests and food deliveries can all be accomplished on their own with just a few clicks.

Enrichment Programs that build well-rounded people

Our diverse range of programs in sports, creative and visual arts, technology, fitness and more, provide the opportunity for everyone to discover their passions - whether it be a child exploring their interests, or an adult finding a new hobby or expanding upon their existing ones.   

Wellness - There is strength in numbers

The Meadowlands YMCA creates a strong community of empowered neighbors that work together towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. They gain support and motivation from each other making it easier to stay committed to their health goals.   

Socialization – Isolation leads to loneliness, which can have serious health effects.

Seniors who spend time at the Y make new friends and have a sense of belonging leading to richer more productive lives. Teens and young families all have a place to meet and spend quality time with one another. 

Let’s Turn Potential Into Reality 

There’s the potential to satisfy a serious need in our community from toddlers to seniors. By having more programs and services that integrate technology, users of all ages and abilities will be inspired to exercise their minds and bodies through competition, statistics and immersive gameplay. With a wide spectrum of programs for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility the potential is limitless!

Together We Can


our community to meet and exceed their recommended health standards with tech-based competitive features throughout our facility that make working out feel like playing.


our neighbors to reach their physical and mental potential with a strong network of support that is passionate about health improvements, career-growth, and social connectivity.


youthful excitement and mental challenges that will help to keep seniors young in both mind and body.


those with chronic diseases about healthier habits that can reduce their risks and potentially help them to reverse their fortunes so they can live longer, fuller lives with loved ones.


Our Impact Relies on You!


Drive to $1 Million Kickoff Press Conference