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Exergame Room


Exergame combines fitness, brain teasers and technology for a gamified experience like no other! Watch our special segment on NBC to see Exergame in action. 

What's Inside? 

Within the Exergame Room are dynamic stations that gamify fitness through video game and competition style challenges. Each module offers awesome benefits that will help anyone from athletes, to seniors, those with special needs, and the average weekend warrior to improve quickness, coordination, strength, memory, agility, endurance, and more.

The stations in the Meadowlands YMCA's Exergame Room are...

Fit Interactive 3 Kick

3 Kick is designed with resilient foam pads that can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with feet or fists. A light randomly illuminates on one of the pads and the player strikes the pad within a time limit and then repeats. It's a more physically engaging style of the classic game "wack-a-mole." 3 Kick is a full body activity that works on hand-eye coordination, improved reaction time, foot work, balance and mental acuity.

waterrower vgs

Escape into a world of total immersion with the WaterRower VGS. Pick from a variety of spectacular virtual reality rowing courses to race through solo or compete against other online rowers. The water fly-wheel provides a smooth, natural resistance that will make it feel like you're actually on the open water. 

Freedom Climber

The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from a 30 ft. wall. The Freedom Climber's rotating climbing surface challenges you even more than traditional climbing. It works to engage every muscle while building grip strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and determination!  

Eyeplay Floor Games

Are you ready to jump, stomp, and run? Eyeplay creates a virtual playground that's packed with over 50 games like Super Soccer, Hockey, Candy world and much more. These games will test coordination, quickness, and mental agility. 

T-Wall 64 

The T-Wall 64 is the all-in-one training center that will test your power, agility, endurance, flexibility and reaction time. Players of all ages will push their limits in solo gamified challenges or contests against multiple users in a "Simon Says" style of game play. 

Fit Interactive Heavy Ball

The concept of Heavy Ball is simple - grab the ball, throw it in the tube, pick it up, and repeat. But the real question is, how fast can you go? Compete against yourself, others or as a team for an exciting round for core engagement, reflex quickness, and leg strength. The Heavy Ball station is excellent for training lateral ability and squat form. 

What are the Benefits of Exergaming?

Each module offers awesome benefits that will help anyone from athletes, to seniors, those with special needs, and the average weekend warrior to improve quickness, coordination, strength, memory, agility, endurance, and much more. 

Cognitive Cardio

Exergames boost brain power with interactive stations that combine agility, strength and competitive problem solving for a workout that benefits both mind and body.

Benefits for All Ages

Exergames help to improve cognitive function and physical performance no matter your age. With challenges that are customized to specific age groups, everyone from kids to seniors will benefit.

The Perfect Blend of Technology

Exergame equipment is optimized with technology to inspire great performance. Guided by Interactive Fitness Coaches, you’ll reach new heights while having a blast!

Watch the TEDx video below to learn more about some of the extraordinary ways that exergaming is helping to revolutionize the way we approach fitness.  


Who is the Exergame Room For?

Don't let the arcade-style stations fool you. The Exergame Room isn't just for kids, although it's sure to be their new favorite activity at the Y too. This is an interactive fitness room that has beneficial programs for all ages! 

  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Active Seniors 
  • Special Needs Individuals  

What Can I Do in the Exergame Room?

The Exergame Room is available for...

  • Birthday Parties 
  • Small Group Personal Training 
  • 8-Week Session Programs for All Ages
  • Active Old Adult Fitness Classes
  • Corporate Team Building Rentals 

Have More Questions? 

Have more questions about the Exergame Room or want to book your next birthday party here? Contact Sr. Program Director, Amy Costa, at