Meadowlands YMCA Staff

Executive Staff

DAVID E KISSELBACK, President & Chief Executive Officer

JOE MIN, Chief Operating Officer

TERI L. FESTA, Chief Marketing & Development Officer

FRANK BOCKOWSKI, Chief Finance Officer

KATRINA AUER, Executive Assistant

Senior Staff

CAROL PASQUALE, Human Resources Director

RYAN DONAHUE, Director of Business Development

AMY COSTA, Sr. Program Director

Directors & Associate Directors


MEGAN WHITE, Aquatics Director

JOELLE NESSINE, Associate Aquatics Director

CHRIS HWANG, Swim Team Coach


MATT DEGEORGE, Athletic Director

Camp/SACC (Before & After School Programs)

MARILYN TINEO, Director of SACC & Summer Camp

AULDINE LATKO, Associate Director, SACC/Summer Camp

KYLE AUER, Associate Director, SACC/Summer Camp


PAUL LECHTHALER, Property Director 


CHERYL SCHIELKE, Finance Administrative Assistant

JANE HANSEN, Finance Administrative Assistant

SCHUYLER JENKS, Finance Administrative Assistant

Family Success Center

FABRICIO SALAS, Family Success Center Director

Mara Center for Early Childhood Learning 

JENNIFER RICRA, Director, Mara Center for Early Childhood Learning

ANDREA FERNANDEZ, Associate Director, Mara Center for Early Childhood Learning


BILL BILLEC, Art Director

DAN MORRELL, Content Manager

RAE PEZZOLLA, Graphic Designer


JAMES CHIAPPONE, Membership Director

RYAN EARLE, Associate Membership Director


ALEXIS TRUSKOLASKI, Associate Program Director

CRISTIAN IRIZARRY, Program Coordinator


MICHELLE MOORE, Wellness Director

PAUL BAYTAN, Associate Wellness Director

ALCYONE FINKE, Personal Training Coordinator

21st Century Community Learning Center

PHIL FACENDOLA, 21st CCLC Project Director