Programs Inc.

For the very first time we are bringing inclusionary program opportunities for children and adults with special needs ages 4-104 to the Meadowlands YMCA. INCluded in a selection of regularly scheduled classes, will be INC identified offerings, which allow for everyone’s participation. Together, they will learn, play, interact, and socialize with others. 


A diverse selection of our programs will be adapted for inclusive environments for those with diverse abilities. We will have specialized attention available in these classes, which will have a low participant to instructor ratios with staff members who are trained in special needs. Look for the classes labeled with 

For more information please contact: Amy Costa, Associate Executive Director of Programs at



Programs INC. provides an opportunity for children and adults with special needs to enroll in designated classes that are enriched with Inclusion Specialists who are selected according to the specific needs of those taking each class.
A huge thank you to Patrick Mc Gowan of the Loretta Mc Gowan Foundation for making an incredible lead donation. The Loretta Mc Gowan Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to foster research and educational efforts to help people with Down Syndrome, created in honor of brothers Patrick, Martin, and Tommy Mc Gowan's beloved, Aunt Loretta. In less than ten years, the charity raised over one million dollars, which has been largely allocated toward the education field.
We can’t wait to get started and make a positive difference in our community for those of all ages! Please click here to read the entire press release from our press conference and to learn more about Programs INC.