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Dear YMCA:

I am so please to be recommending the Meadowlands Y Tween camp program! My son was enrolled this summer. He has never participated in this camp before, however, he decided to venture out of our  town and try it, only if his school buddy came with him. Needless to say, they both loved it! The two boys met new friends and had a blast travelling to all of the YMCA outings and events. His favorite trip was the Delaware River Rafting trip! He came home telling me all about it and asking my husband and I to take him there again. This trip gave the tweens the opportunity to display partnership and work as a team while rafting. 

My son also loved the trip to Manhattan to see the Blue Man Group! I was quite impressed that the Y would take the children to a renowned production in Manhattan! This was truly a fun and exciting trip for my son and his friend. He raved about the whole trip, from the performances to the pizza afterwards. It was a true New York City experience!!

As a Mom, I feel comfortable with the trips offered because they are outings are that we would do as a family anyway. While we are working, he gets to enjoy the summer and gain the experience of socializing with his peers, making new friends, and exploring new places. My son was similarly impressed with the counselor at the Rutherford camp, Josh. He established a trust in the counselor right away, and was comfortable with his experiences with Josh. This too is an important and valuable aspect of any camp experience.

And as a Mom, I am quite pleased that all of these great trips and outings are included in the price! It was a pleasant surprise to not have to make a lunch or worry about paying for more. Once he registered, that was it!!

Thank you so much, Meadowlands Y!!

Giving Back

Athina is 6 years old and attending 1st grade. I work full time and I am attending college on a part-time basis. Unfortunately my schedule for work and college does not allow me to pick Athina up from school a few days of the week. Being a single mom of a 1 year old boy and Athina, and struggling with day care fees for my son along with an aftercare program for my daughter; I ams most appreciative of this scholarship because it allows me to work and go to school knowing that my child is being cared for in a safe environment. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to better my life and the lives of my children.

Sue Can Swim

Several years ago her doctor told her she needed to lose weight.  Not knowing where to go or how to get started, she was encouraged by some friends to join the Y swim program, and since these friends did water aerobics she thought she would give it a try. Obviously her fear posed a problem, but she pushed through it and started a journey of a lifetime.  

Two years ago she was tired of being afraid of the water and wanted to learn how to swim.  She signed up for a few swim lessons, and with the help of our aquatics staff and some friends along the way, she began to chip away at the feeling of fear that had held her back for so long.

Now when someone calls and asks, “Will I be able to swim at the end of the lessons?” I tell them about Sue.