Y I Ride Spin-A-Thon



Thank you to all who created teams to ride and donated to our first Y i Ride Spin-a-Thon! Together, we raised $2,542 for the purposes our teams rode for during the event. What an accomplishment! 


2019 TEAMS

Team Name Purpose
Jamcyone Art supplies for Child Watch and the Youth & Teen Room
Team Wellness Sound System for Group Exercise Classes
Mamas for Mara Mara Center Books and Toys
Third Wheel New Sports Equipment
Fish House Road Coding Robots for After School Programs
Isabell's Team Coding Robots
Jeff's Team Coding Robots


The Y i Ride Spin-A-Thon invites Meadowlands YMCA members, employees and friends to come together rise funds for purposes they're passionate about within our YMCA community.

Pick YOUR Purpose

At the Meadowlands YMCA, your mission is our mission. The work we do as a charitable organization provides opportunities for our community members to put their passion into action.

Whether it's providing life-saving swim lessons for a child in need or installing a community garden to educate children on fresh produce, we are continually striving to bring "game-changing" opportunities to those we serve. That's what the Y i Ride Spin-a-Thon is all about. If there is something specific that you are passionate about, we want to help you make it a reality.



The Y i Ride coordinator will create your team a fundraising page on RallyUp to assemble and collect pledges. Pledges can be accrued by the mile or as a flat donation. Each member of the team collects pledges from family, friends, neighbors, and fellow members.

Example: A friend agrees to support your team for $2 per mile. Subsequently, your team rides 40 miles during the event. Your friend will automatically be charged $80 through our RallyUp site. There are limits they can apply