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Welcome to our Adult Programs page! We're excited for the upcoming program session, which will feature tons of new programs and revamped ones. Please reference our Program Guide for a list of classes and their schedules. All classes are 18+, unless indicated otherwise. 

Adult Spring Program Schedule

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Adult Sports Leagues 

New Leagues & Reduced Spring Pricing!


Both men and women basketball leagues will be for ages 35 and older. We will utilize a full court gym and have league schedule, playoffs, championship game and trophies. A MVP Award will be given at the end of the season


$45/Player $340/Team (Members)

$63/Player $440/Team (Non-Members)

FEB 27 - APR 17 • WED, 7-10pm


$45/Player $340/Team (Members)

$63/Player $440/Team (Non-Members)

MAR 2 - APR 20 • SAT, 3-7pm


All soccer leagues will run for 8 weeks with playoff and championship games. We will utilize indoor soccer balls and pop-up soccer goals for more challenging scoring. There will be no goalkeeper. Playoffs will be tournament style format: Single Elimination.


$35/Player $98/Team (Members) • $50/Player $135/Team (Non-Members)

FEB 28 - APR 18 • THU, 7pm–10pm


$35/Player $98/Team (Members) • $50/Player $135/Team (Non-Members)

FEB 26 – APR 16 • TUE, 7pm–10pm


(AGES 18+)

$45/Player $340/Team (Members)

$63/Player $440/Team (Non-Members)

MAR 1 - APR 19 • FRI, 6-9pm

Co-Ed Volleyball has had heavy interest for a league and here we are! We will have 4v4 matchups in this league. Set, bump, and spike your way through the competition!


(AGES 21+)

$45/Player $340/Team (Members)

$63/Player $440/Team (Non-Members)

APR 22 - JUN 13

MON-THU, 7-10pm

Rally your team together to play in our co-ed softball league this spring/summer. This is an excellent league for corporate team-building or friends looking for a fun way to stay active!


$25/Player (Members)

$43/Player (Non-Members)

MAR 1 - APR 19 & APR 26 - JUN 14 • FRI, 10am – 3pm

Join this 1-on-1 pickleball league and become a part of one of the fastest growing sports in America for seniors. Pickleball games will be held in the Gatorade Gym. Players must bring their own paddles. Nets and pickleballs will be supplied. A MVP award will be given based on the best overall record.

Adult Winter Programs 

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is everything you love about yoga with a twist of play, flight, meditation, restoration, core stabilization, and full range of motion. It will leave you floating out of class and coming back for more.

Adult Martial Arts Beginner

In this class you will learn the basics of Martial Arts with a special focus on staying safe and building confidence in uncomfortable situations.

Cycle Circuits

This interactive training class will combine climbs, flats, and intervals on the bike with floor-based strength and agility exercises. You’ll utilize various pieces of equipment to complete a total mbody workout that will leave you feeling energized, strong, and successful. If you’re looking for a cycle class and strength class then this is for you!

Kettlebell Basics

Introduction to Kettlebell exercises. The Kettlebell is a weight {5-40+ lbs) that looks like a ball with a handle. Kettlebell workouts are functional, mcompound exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. New Kettlebell exercises learned each week: swings, turkish get up, clean and press, swings etc.

Kettlebell Burn

This program will add the burn to your kettlebell routine. Provided is a dynamic, whole-body exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular, resistance and range-of-motion training into one workout with ever changing intervals. Grab a bell and feel the burn!

Prenatal Yoga

The perfect way to stay fit during your pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga uses postures, breathing, and meditation to help ease pregnancy, delivery, and the after effects of birth. Stretch all the muscles in your body, and deeply connect with your baby. Classes will get your body, mind and spirit ready physically, mentally, and emotionally for the birth of your baby.


P90X is a revolutionary workout system that constantly introduces new moves to challenge your muscles and give you extraordinary results. We’re bringing the style of this popular home workout system to the Y so you can change up your program and never plateau.

Functional Foundations

Functional training exercises are full-body movements in multiple planes of motion. Exercises covered include squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and twisting. Functional training focuses on the “transfer effect”, wherein gains in functional strength and neuromuscular coordination carry over to activities of everyday life and athletic feats, improving performance while decreasing the risk of injury. After successful completion of body weight alone, progressions will include various forms of resistance and stability equipment.


Working with foam rollers this class provides an intentional pause from stress induced physical training to focus on recovery. Myofascial release, stretching exercises, and mindful restoration of the body will aid in increased flexibility and reduced muscle soreness.


In this class you will learn the basics of Taekwondo with a special emphasis on physical conditioning while building self confidence.

TRX® Suspension Basics

TRX® Suspension Training is a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise modality for older adults who want to increase functional mobility and prevent fall risk.

Weekend Warrior

Timed rounds of cardio circuits alternating with 5 minute strength circuits with little rest between sets. This fun and dynamic workout utilizes the SkillMill non-motorized treadmill and Concept II rower for cardio, with a combination of Kettlebells, TRX suspension trainer, TRX RIP trainer, and Olympic lifting for strength.

Adult Exer-Fitness & Exergame Senior Classes

Exergame combines fitness, brain teasers and technology for a gamified experience like no other!

Exerfit classes challenge adults of all ages and fitness levels. The classes incorporate workouts that combine functional training and Exergame equipment for a total body workout that will increase stamina, stability, and strength while promoting fat loss.

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