Cooking Studio

Cooking Studio

Classes in our state-of-the-art cooking studio focus on smart nutrition, healthy eating and creativity. Our students develop the
technique and confidence it takes to become inspired chefs.  


There’s something for everyone in our kitchen.



Little Cooks and Mini Chefs discover healthy foods, how to safely chop fruits and vegetables and make tasty meals and snacks.



Learn a new cooking skill every week, from baking breads and tossing heart-healthy salads, to making international cuisine and creating delicious desserts.



Make new friends at classes like Brunch Club and Senior Breakfast Club. Try out new recipes and create culinary masterpieces as a team. Bake cookies, pies and cakes that taste heavenly.

Fresh produce, sauces, pasta, grains, seasonings, fish, meat and poultry are always in the mix in our Cooking Studio.

Contact Michelle Moore, Wellness Director, for more info:  or 201-955-5300 ext. 252