SportsCare Physical Therapy

SportsCare Physical Therapy


Since 1997, SportsCare has been the leading provider of trusted physical therapy and sports medicine services. We also offer occupational therapy, pediatric therapy, and aquatic therapy at select locations. If you are looking to improve your skill level, we also offer a wide range of training programs for youth and adults at our Performance Institute.

SportsCare Institute offers quality physical therapy services accessible through our many convenient locations. Each is individually run, allowing us to provide premium, personal care to every patient

As physical therapists, our goal is to alleviate pain and maximize function in order to help our patients return to their activity level prior to their injury, pain or discomfort with Physical Therapy. Specializing in pre and post-operative care, we also treat a range of diagnosis.

What Do We Treat?

At SportsCare, we are committed to providing every patient with the highest quality of care in an inviting atmosphere. Our highly skilled and licensed team of physical therapists are dedicated to assist each patient reach a level of performance equal to or exceeding that prior to injury.

At SportsCare Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on not only addressing your current pain/dysfunction, but thoroughly addressing the root cause to prevent recurrence. Upon arrival, our team of professionals will review your medical history/injury and discuss with you how it impacts your day to day functions, ability to work, or return to your sport or hobby. The initial examination will include an assessment of your range of motion, posture, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, balance/gait, and other specific tests pertaining to your injury.

Throughout your treatment, our Physical Therapist’s will be constantly monitoring and re-evaluating your progress to ensure a safe and rapid recovery. We regularly communicate with your physician/surgeon to provide the most comprehensive care possible.The length of your treatment varies based on your injury or surgical procedure. Your Physical Therapist will discuss the expected treatment time and will frequently educate you on a home exercise program to perform during and after your course of Physical Therapy.

We also offer injury prevention screens with a licensed athletic trainer. These screens cover a functional movement assessment and/or injury consult. These screens are available as a complimentary service to YMCA members! Just call to set up an appointment!

SportsCare Physical Therapy Clinic services both YMCA members and non members! If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, stop by or call anytime!

SportsCare Educational Lectures: 

SportsCare and the Meadowlands YMCA are aligned in providing educational resources to all members of our community. Our informational lectures cover a variety of topics that aid in the prevention of chornic diseases and offer treatment solutions for preexisting ailments. All lectures are open to the public.

Dates and information coming soon. 

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