DIY Projects

Finding ourselves spending more time home opens a new opportunity to be productive around the house, completing some of the projects that you otherwise were otherwise struggling to find time to complete. Through doing DIY projects with family or roommates, you can forge a deeper connection to your home space and appreciation for your humble abode. Below is some inspiration!

DIY: Closet Organization 

As the seasons change, a closet overhaul is probably on your to-do list. Maintaining an organized closet will always be an ongoing process (because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process), but there are certain things you can do to ensure you never spend more than 20 minutes rearranging your clothes ever again.

Closet Organizations Hack

DIY: Photo Wall

Add a personal touch to your living space with a photo wall. With a little bit of planning, you can assemble artwork or pictures of friends and family that will express your style and help to make the space your own. 

How to set up a stylish photo wall. 

DIY: Laundry Room Upgrades

For those with petite laundry rooms, or perhaps larger ones that still struggle with to meet the needs of your family, optimizing storage is a huge help. From hanging, organizing, and making use of wall space, this how-to guide will inspire you to revamp the often-neglected laundry space. 

How to upgrade your laundry room. 

DIY: Upcycle your Yoga Mats

In today's environment climate, finding new creative ways to utilize old products like yoga mats helps to reduce our impact on the planet, and also just makes for fun and creative projects! If you have some old yoga mats, consider re-purposing and upcycling them in new and useful ways. 

Ways to upcycle your yoga mat.  

DIY: Baking Bread

These days, when you look at many of your friends' social posts, there is a good chance that a lot of them are pictures of loaves of bread they have baked at home. Cooking and baking are known to have comforting, anti-stress effects. Bread, especially sourdough, demands patience, knowledge and a fair amount of skill. But when we do manage to produce a decent loaf with just flour, water and salt, like our ancestors, it becomes a thing of pride. Click here for an easy recipe.