Family Activities

There has never been a better time for quality family time, getting to know each other better, and having fun! Staying positive and mentally engaged is important to maintain a health family dynamic during trying times. Take the opportunity to try something new together. 

STEAM Projects for Kids

Keeping kids active with fun and simple STEAM projects is great way to productively pass the time! This playful playdough project shows you how to make some friendly caterpillars that will help develop fine motor skills. Perfect for ages 3-6. Share some projects that you’re doing for others in our Y community!

Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 calls for 24 hours of actions, big and small, for people and the planet. On this 50th anniversary, civil society organizers hope to fill the world’s digital landscape with global conversations, positive acts, performances, webinars and events supporting urgent action on climate change. What are you going to do?  Share on our Facebook and Instagram.

Family Game Nights

Staying in together as a Family this Saturday can be much more than Netflix and Ipads, try some of these interactive games!

  1. Charades
  2. Pictionary
  3. Hangman
  4. Hot Potato
  5. Scattegories
  6. I Spy
  7. Simon Says
  8. Scavenger Hunt

Holiday Activities and Celebrations

Learning about holiday celebrations, especially ones celebrated by other families, helps children to develop an appreciation and understanding for what is important to their friends, neighbors and other people they meet in the community. 

Click on the links below for suggestions for family activities.

  • Memorial Day: Last Monday of May
  • Mother's Day: Second Sunday in May
  • Juneteenth: June 19th click here
  • Father's Day: Third Sunday in June
  • Independence Day: July 4th

Interactive Reading

Parenting through a pandemic can be challenging. If you choose to for them to stay at home, structuring you child’s day helps to establish a routine and sense of normalcy. Try reading together interactively. Encourage them to talk about pictures, predict what will happen next in the story, and to identify the emotions of the character. 

Building Blocks

Our neighbors are a collection of families that are the building blocks of our community and together we are the foundation portraying the strength and resilience we have to survive any crisis. Let's create a visual representation of what makes up the bedrock of our region - the people and families. Show your appreciation for the frontline workers, draw an image of how you feel during the crisis, or paint a picture of our future - anything goes. We will display them at the Y as a reminder of how we endured a challenging time together. Once you have completed your block email it back to


Happy Music

What's your happy song? One of the first things that happens when music enters our brains is the triggering of pleasure centers that release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy. Here Are 75 Happy Songs That Will Make You Feel Great and Lift Your Mood. Click Here

Quizzes, Science Experiments, etc

Looking for new ways to educate and entertain your kids? Visit NatGeo@Home for all kinds of resources—including quizzes, science experiments, lesson plans, and fun activities to do as a family.


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